Kids' Martial Arts in Boone

Kickstart Your Child's Journey With Kids' Martial Arts Classes!

Are you looking to help your child develop confidence, focus, and self-esteem? Do you want them to learn the value of hard work and cultivate a sense of respect for their peers and elders? Look no further than Common Ground Martial Arts Academy.

Our kids' martial arts classes are focused on instilling critical values and fostering a positive attitude. By training in the martial arts, your child will learn transferable skills that will lead to better performance in school, character growth, and lifelong habits of physical fitness. Join us in Boone and see for yourself how we can help your child become the best they can possibly be!

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Kids' Martial Arts Classes Help Your Child Focus On Strong Values

From their very first day in our program, we'll help your child focus on the things that matter. We strive to help our students grow their self-confidence, learn the value of respect, and build a strong work ethic. Many parents think that kids' martial arts classes are just about punching and kicking, but the opposite is true!

When your child practices a new technique, they learn focus and confidence. When they train hard to earn their black belt, they learn smart goal-setting skills. The new friends and mentors they meet through our kids' martial arts classes help them learn about teamwork and leadership. Join us in Boone and see for yourself the positive impact that the martial arts can have on your child's life!

Common Ground Martial Arts Academy's kids' classes teach:
  • How to develop self-confidence & focus
  • Respect for peers, parents, & teachers
  • Teamwork, leadership, & communication skills
  • Strategies for setting & achieving big goals!

Plus Kids' Martial Arts Classes Are Fun & Active!

Not only are our classes at Common Ground Martial Arts Academy a great way to instill positive character growth in your child, but we also help students stay active and develop lasting habits of physical fitness. They'll start learning self-defense and bully-prevention skills, plus build flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Read below about how our kids' martial arts program can help children of any age become the best they can be!

Our Power Pups program is the gold standard for Kids Martial Arts classes here in Boone. We teach confidence, focus, hard work, and cultivate a strong sense of community. Join us for your child's first class and experience the life-changing power of the martial arts!

Our Young Warriors program is designed to not only introduce children to more advanced parts of martial arts but also to instill a healthy love of physical fitness. We use teamwork, drills, and goal setting to teach your child the power of respect, commitment, and integrity as it's used in their community.

Kendo is our most unique program. This martial art focuses on traditional Japanese fencing, using bamboo swords (shinai) and protective gear to teach agility, hand-eye coordination, and let kids have tons of fun in a safe and supervised environment.

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No matter whether this is your child's first martial arts class or if you're bringing a belt with you, join us for professional instruction and incredible opportunities. Common Ground Martial Arts Academy is proud to help children from Boone and all across the High Country create positive character growth and sharpen the skills they'll need to succeed in school, at home, and throughout their lives!

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