Kendo Classes in Boone

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Looking to build better fitness? Grow your self-confidence and focus? Look like a samurai? Join us at Common Ground Martial Arts Academy for Kendo classes that will teach you traditional Japanese swordsmanship and get you a great workout in the process!

Our Kendo classes are fast-paced and full-contact, using special protective equipment and wooden swords. Whether you need to blow off steam or you want to engage with a fun, high-energy activity, we can help you progress all the way from the fundamentals to mastery. Classes are available starting as early as seven years old, although we recommend Age 13+ to get the most out of Kendo.

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Kendo Classes Are Fitness, Fun, & Martial Arts Combined

The core concept of Kendo is to develop "the human character through the application of the principles of the katana." So while there is a lot of activity and fitness training involved, the intent behind each class to help our students develop into better versions of themselves. Kendo isn't just about striking -- it's about the hidden motions behind the swing.

Our Kendo classes are helping students from Boone and beyond develop better posture, strong self-discipline, more patience, and the commitment and respect it takes to both develop your sword fighting skills and maintain high standards of integrity whether you win or lose. Common Ground Martial Arts Academy is proud to offer this unique and storied martial art and to give members of our community access to this dynamic, high-energy training method!

Sign up for Kendo classes in Boone and take on:
  • Exciting & unique fitness training
  • Improved hand-eye coordination & body control
  • Quick footwork & enhanced agility
  • An awesome new skill set with an incredible community

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Kendo classes will help you thrive by building your confidence, focus, and self-esteem. You'll learn awesome swordsmanship skills and get the chance to meet like-minded individuals from Boone and all across the High Country. You'll learn to embody the traditional values of courtesy, integrity, and respect. Plus, you'll have tons of fun training here at Common Ground Martial Arts Academy!

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