Martial Arts Programs Available In Boone

Kids Martial Arts

Set your child up for lifelong success with kids' martial arts classes! At Common Ground Martial Arts Academy, we focus on fostering character growth and building confidence, focus, and respect for others. Classes are high-energy, professionally supervised, and full of opportunities to meet new friends and have fun!

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Teen and Adult Martial Arts

If you're looking to build better fitness and learn practical self-defense skills, our Teen & Adult Martial Arts classes are an ideal fit for you. Ditch your boring gym routine and connect with an awesome fitness community right here in Boone by signing up for your first class today!

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Our Kendo classes teach traditional Japanese swordsmanship, but most importantly they enable personal growth. Not only will you develop stronger hand-eye coordination and body control, but you'll learn patience and self-discipline as you work to master each new technique. Join us at Common Ground Martial Arts Academy for your first class!

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties got a little bit easier with Common Ground Martial Arts Academy. We offer parties for children from Boone and all across the High Country that keep them moving and takes the workload off of your shoulders. Plus, they won't stop talking about it all year! Learn more today.

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Often known as the martial art of "unifying with life energy", Aikido at Common Ground Martial Arts Academy in Boone is a peaceful defense system. The goal of these sessions is to teach our students effective self defense techniques while also not injuring their opponent.

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