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Trapper Taylor

Master Trapper Taylor began his martial arts training under the tutelage of his father in 1980. He has had the privilege of training under a number of well-established and notable martial artists over the course of his career including:

  • Master Joe Klee
  • Chuck Norris
  • Bill Wallis
  • Grandmaster Paul Cho
  • Grandmaster Charles Ferraro
  • Mike Divine
  • Butch Hiles
  • Gendo Yokote

Master Taylor has been teaching martial arts since the age of 12 and opened his first school at the age of 19 which he grew to 100 students. Master Taylor holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do (5th Dan), Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do (2nd Dan), Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan), and Shaolin Do (1st Dan). He has also achieved a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also spent 1994 and 1995 living in Japan as an exchange student through the Rotary International. While there, he started training in Kendo and earned his 1st-degree black belt. He currently holds a 2nd-degree black belt in Kendo. 

Master Taylor is the proud parent of 2 amazing teenage daughters and is married to a remarkable woman. His wife and daughters have all trained in the martial arts for years and have earned their blue belts, which is equal to the rank of a black belt.

It is Master Taylor's mission to help his students develop confidence, focus, and an indomitable spirit through long term goals using the framework of the martial arts. Using the principles of the martial arts to cultivate a strong mind and spirit, he empowers students of Common Ground Martial Arts Academy to go on to do and become whatever they want in life.

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