This program is specially – designed for children ages 5 to 6.

Classes are 30 minutes long and focus on three key areas:

  1. Core Strength and Balance

    Martial Arts training requires students to use their bodies differently than they do in regular activities of daily living.   Children at this age are still developing their gross and fine motor skills.  Learning to use multiple muscles group at a time allows students to develop not only strength but also better coordination in all they do.  In a safe and fun environment, we spend time every class working on jumping, balancing exercises, and body conditioning.  Students learn to kick at different heights and with different techniques, punch and block, hold stances, and use their core and hip muscles to move smoothly and with good balance.

  2. Martial Arts Fundamentals

    While children in the Power Pups program are our youngest Tang Soo Do students, they are very capable of learning and processing our traditional curriculum . Students in the Power Pups program learn the same material and test for rank in the same manner as our Young Warrior and ATP students; the only difference is in the amount of material they are given at a time.  We believe in giving your child the instruction, support, and time needed to achieve success!  Following directions and showing respect for peers and instructors are also areas of particular focus for this program.

      1. Team Work and Collaboration

        Many of the students enrolled in this program are preschool age, and we focus on building skills they will need to set them up for success in any classroom setting.  These basic skills include, but are not limited to:  following directions from someone other than parents/guardians, compromising with other students, interacting in a classroom setting, and working with others to achieve goals set forth by the instructors

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